Doing good work

Just a little note here, because I had time today on my training bike watching Dr. Oz and learning how to order good things in a restaurant that won’t blow my diet off the map. So the thing is that like most people, I’m guessing, exercise gives me mental fuel to be me. Today was hard. […]

Who I am and why I’m here?

Who am I? I’m a writer, author and publisher of the Mabel Hartley ebook young adult fiction series. Writing is the thing I love best, the thing that makes time stand still. When I’m writing, it’s like I’m not in my body anymore. If someone asks me a question, I can’t hear them. It’s always […]

And this is my 100th post

I feel like setting off fireworks, standing under confetti, or at least popping a bottle of champagne….but seeing as I have NONE of these on hand, I can only say hooray! And thanks for stopping in once in a while to see what’s going on in my world. Happy 100, baby!