Ka-chow!! This author is getting schooled

When things line up in my life, they really line up. I decided in my fever of New Year’s resolutions to take things up a notch and enroll in courses to improve my overall prowess as an author.

Enter Blogging 101 and Business Marketing on the Internet. I made it through week one and the product is all in my website, which makes me think it looks remarkably better than it did last week.

A new layout makes the website more user-friendly and now I can include videos for you to stream in the sidebar along with lots of other goodies.

I hope you like the new and improved site and it helps you find something that might charm and amuse you and even make you think a little more about what this girl called Mabel Hartley is up to and why you should be reading her books. Nothing like a new site to capture an audience. Have I captured your attention? I hope so!

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