Put your pearls on, baby

Tomorrow I hope to return from my childrens’ elementary school with something I’ve never had before. Firsthand knowledge of what’s going on inside the minds of my readers. I want so much to reach readers and this may be the start of the next lesson I need to learn. Once of my hardest things is […]

How creating a cover makes me feel

This is me at my Granny’s desk, with my laptop. I thought you might like to see where I write and work and this is it! I have to say that for all the hats I wear as a writer and publisher my favorite job is collaborating to create a cover. As a writer you work for years on a […]

Ok, so my brilliant news is…

I went to the mailbox today and there it was.   Something I’ve been waiting 4 months to receive. The crazy part is that I wasn’t expecting to receive my ITIN number until May or June and here it is just 5 days after they sent my official documents home too. I am feeling elated, […]