Doing good work

Just a little note here, because I had time today on my training bike watching Dr. Oz and learning how to order good things in a restaurant that won’t blow my diet off the map.

So the thing is that like most people, I’m guessing, exercise gives me mental fuel to be me. Today was hard. I worked hard at my writing, which is such a blessing, and then I felt completely fried.

I meditated on the sofa before picking my daughter up from school and as we were having dinner I thought about doing good work. That is, work that fills you with pride, shows the world your authentic self, and really just makes you feel like you matter.

My work as a writer is lonely, I am an introvert and I like routine. Insert image of hermit here but I have two kids and a wonderful husband to keep me from completely closeting myself from the world. I like activities I can do alone. I like being alone, except when I  don’t.

And that’s where the good work comes in. It makes me feel like I’m doing something that will stick. That I will contribute something to the greater good of people. This is how I serve with the time I have on this planet.

And I’m pretty darn proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish so far, even on the days that take the wind out of my sails and force me to work on “tending to the self.” I’m tending with my writing and my stories. I don’t see “retirement” in my future because I hope I’ll always be writing and have the courage to go after what I believe is my purpose. Thanks for reading!

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