Wretched cold has me hostage but i am knitting in the round – at last

Nothing like coming home from a fabulous trip to NYC and then finding that a cold and flu has overcome my little body!!! I am stuffed up, surrendering to the eternal flow of my nose BUT in the midst of all this sneezing and suffering, I did manage a trip to the bookstore (sorry people for spreading my germs) and the wool store to find a pattern and enough wool to last me a decade.

My first sock is on the go and I am proud of my little wooly friend I’m creating on four separate needles.

More posts to come this week, with news of our trip the Cloisters museum, which coincidentally and my dear universe would have it, was chocked full of treasures from the medieval age and just perfect timing to finish my plot plan/outline and get going on cementing some ideas for book three. Thanks for your patience friends!

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