Ready to print the first paper copy of book 4 the Gangster’s Cache

When I’m writing a story, it takes a lot for me to commit to seeing it on paper. It’s only after going through lots of revisions that I get to a point when I feel like the story is contained.

That is to say the chapters are in chronological order, and the characters are progressing on a journey to the end of a book.

You see, when I’m writing, so much is about just listening to the characters and trying to get their story down on paper. It’s a leap of faith to see if there is a story to tell that makes me feel proud at the end. If I feel like I’ve told a story I’d be interested in listening to – then it’s ready for printing.

In these initial stages, there will be a few printings until I can gather a cover and all the materials I need to launch into publishing my next book. For now, I am content to read the story again and again because I’m not sure how many more times I’ll get to write a Mabel Hartley story (perhaps only one more time).

Working to improve my overall website

How’d I do? Let me know what you think! I spent a couple of hours today, trying on some new ideas for the website including giving you immediate access to the newspaper articles I’ve been featured it.

It feels good to get back to my roots and make my website reflect where I am right now in the writing process. Time to streamline everything and make it easier for viewers to connect with the website and buy my fabulous series. Time to stock up on the first three books (in ebook and paperback, your choice) before book 4 comes out!

Spent the weekend rereading my series and finding book 4 is the best story yet!

I spent my weekend deciding it was time to get the measuring stick out. I decided to reread all my stories to see if the latest installment of Mabel Hartley stacks up against the first three books.

There’s nothing for an author like seeing progress. The journey over a decade of my life, has brought me to today. The Gangster’s Cache is my best story to date and I’m so proud of Mabel and her friends and of course their visit to one of my favorite cities in the world, New York!

Tomorrow, I’ll finish reading the first draft and the series will be complete. Now comes the work of rewriting and publishing.

I am grateful for the energy to write, to be honest about my writing and the wonder that comes with letting the words flow and standing back to see how proud I am of this series! Happy beginning of summer, everyone!

My week in 5

5. I started the first read through of the first draft of the fourth book. Writing in more scenes and listening so the characters can express themselves.

4. Mother’s Day found our family chopping down trees on our property as we look toward filling our woodshed for winter.

3. Grass is cut and the garden looks sharp

2. Going to watch my kids at their Track and Field meet tomorrow.

1.Walking every day to get some fresh air before I come home and work on my story