Mabel Hartley is going into 32,000 households in early March

Oh, it was such a great morning meeting with Rachel Stern, Arts Editor of the Nanaimo News Bulletin over fresh macarons, no less.

I felt like I had a lot to celebrate with my series, 10 years in the making, and I was so happy to tell my story, to the lovely Rachel and read from my books in a video that Rachel took that will be published on the newspaper’s website as well.

These are exciting times in my life. I am so thankful for all this goodness!

Interview with the Nanaimo News Bulletin tomorrow

I am so looking forward to meeting a reporter from the Nanaimo News Bulletin tomorrow and to have a chance to sit down and tell her about the Mabel Hartley Stories and my journey to become a YA fiction author of these awesome books.

I will also be stopping by one of the stores that carries my series in Nanaimo, Literacy Central Vancouver Island, and meeting a greater supporter of reading, Michelle Hillier.For Nanaimo readers, by books are available there to purchase.

Another connection I’m excited about is with the Nanaimo Library. I hope to be setting up a day to do a reading from the stories for 10 years olds in Nanaimo soon. A great day all around and it’s only 10:15am!!!

Another great week of writing

Five chapters written on the first draft of book four in the Mabel Hartley series. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t written them myself. The last two weeks and 90 pages of brand new Mabel Hartley in New York City have been a gift. With new characters, and a new treasure, all the gang is back and headed to see the Statue of Liberty.

Top secret! I wrote the first chapter of book 4: Mabel Hartley The Gangster’s Cache today

One of my toughest things is knowing when to sit down and starting writing, not researching, a new book. This next book takes place in New York City, where I have been 2x. And so I decided I’d done a lot of research with my visits there and it was time to start working in earnest on producing a new story.

And what a ride I’m on already. New characters, new Mabel and it’s just been the first chapter. I’m aiming for three chapters a week now and hope to have the first draft done by June. But keep this secret just between us 😉