J.E. Reddington

Turning teens into treasure huntersgoldjacket (2)

I’m a young adult fiction author and I love writing about Mabel and her friends because we always go to visit amazing places like Scotland, Jordan, New York and London.

While Mabel and her friends are on great adventures they learn about history and archeology and in one story they even get to be part of an archeology camp.

My stories are for readers ages 10-14 and are kind of like Nancy Drew meeting Indiana Jones. There are lots of mysteries to solve and tight spots to get out of.

I was born in England and travelled around the world when I was little to places like Turkey, Nigeria, and Indonesia. I love travelling and going to ruins of ancient places and like Mabel I went to a boarding school in England when I was just 6 years old.

If you’d like me to come to your school to read from my books and answer your questions about Mabel Hartley have your teacher contact me at my email address janer@telus.net

You can always find out about my adventures too on Twitter and Instagram.