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It’s been a 10 year journey and five books later, I have completed an action adventure historical fiction series that takes readers around the globe and through history to find hidden secrets that (usually) bring out the best in three friends Mabel Hartley, Tabitha Mason and Hugh McGinley who would stake their lives to protect each other.

When the story starts at their boarding school in England they are all 14 years old, and have never seen the likes of Mabel Hartley before. An adventurer with a taste for danger and finding the truth at any cost.

Within the pages of the Mabel Hartley stories you will find true love, set in the 1980s, before cel phones and WiFi. This is an old fashioned story unlike anything readers may have seen for many decades.

My stories have been compared to Enid Blyton, of which I am truly not worthy, for their sense of adventure and reminders of the Famous Five books. But these books dig a little deeper and all the characters must decide  whether they will fight together or die alone. They are struggling to find themselves and never imagined the truth about Mabel’s identity would cost them all so much.