Author trivia

J.E. Reddington’s trivia page is for avid readers only! How much to you know about this author?

10. I love to travel to Eastern American cities. In the last five years I’ve made it to New York City twice, Pittsburgh and Chicago. Next stop Washington and Boston, USA.

9. As a child, I lived in Turkey, Nigeria and Indonesia with my parents. My father was an engineer who worked on projects abroad and we travelled with him.

8. I’ve lived on a Gulf Island in British Columbia, Canada called Gabriola for the last 12 years. The longest I’ve lived anywhere in my 43 year life.

7. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1997, which put me on the path to writing and living a healthy and fulfilling life. I have two children, who are growing up too quickly and a lovely husband of the last 19 years.

6. My passions are learning French, travelling, baking, gardening, photography, and fashion.

5. As a child I travelled to ancient sites like Mabel in Indonesia, Egypt, England and Israel. I love learning about history and geography.

4. I started writing about Mabel after the birth of my daughter in 2006. Four books later, and she’s still my muse.

3. I studied Journalism and graduated from Carleton University in 1995. I worked as a newspaper columnist and loved sharing my thoughts on the world with readers.

2. My favorite thing in the world is reading to young adults from my books and meeting people who love Mabel and her adventures.

1. If you’d like me to come to your school, have your teacher contact me at