About this author


This Middle Grade fiction author has been writing the Mabel Hartley series since the birth of her daughter in 2007.

Jane has always loved everything to do with words and stories, but it was when she was at Sibton Park Boarding School in 1980 that she fell in love with books like Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden that left an indelible impression. There she studied the Bronze Age (perhaps the seeds were planted for book two The Burial Chamber in the Mabel Hartley series).

Fast forward to living in countries like Nigeria, Indonesia and Turkey and you have the makings of a writer who loves travel, adventure and most of all lost treasure.

Jane’s parents walked her up the Pyramids of Egypt when she was only 7 and so began Jane’s love of everything old and historic. Jane later went on to travel to Isreal, (more seeds planted for book 3 The Crusader’s Map) and Stonehenge, and it was years later, after a degree in Journalism from Carleton University had been completed that Jane began a search that would lead her to Mabel.

In 1997, Jane was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has spent the last 20 years managing her illness by doing what she loves. Writing.

Jane now lives with her husband and two children, aged 11 and 13 and finds her greatest joy is speaking to students about her books and reaching new readers.

In 2018, Jane finished the 5th book in the series and is excited to share the final act in the story of Mabel Hartley with her readers.