About this author


This Middle Grade fiction author has always loved everything to do with words and stories, but it was when she was at Sibton Park Boarding School in England in the 1980s that she fell in love with books and the idea of finding treasure in her history class. 

Before returning to live in Canada, Jane’s parents took her to see the Pyramids of Egypt, Jakarta, Indonesia and later Stonehenge, and Jerusalem, Israel. So began Jane’s passion for travel, languages, exploring cultures and investigating the past. 

Jane now lives with her husband and two children, aged 13 and 15 on a Gulf Island in British Columbia, Canada. She recently travelled with her family to France, just before Covid, and plans to return there as soon as possible. She loves learning French, knitting, her rose collection and working with plants.

Jane finds her greatest joy is speaking to readers about her books and hearing how much they love her stories. Please send letters to her by email. She loves reading them and will write back to readers.

Book 5 is in the works and Jane is excited to share this final story with her fans.