Want to brush up on your French? Then read French novels with me too

laquetededespereauxI had quite a proud moment today when I finished the last page of the funny little novel that broke my heart a little. I have never sat down to read a full length novel in French before, just because it seemed like something I’d never be able to complete.

I surprised and delighted myself by sticking with Despereaux, the timid little mouse who loves to read and loves a princess and overcomes all his fears to save her.

I’ll admit it took me a couple of weeks to stumble through this novel and to realize that I didn’t have to know all the words and if I could even make out a little of what was happening that was good.

So I will start a French reading list too, which will be much shorter than my YA Book Club, and we can slowly read some childrens’ fiction.

One thing I have to admit is that I really enjoy reading in French and through it I have rediscovered my love of reading. To have to challenge myself in one of the great passions in my life is good. So good I will do it again soon. But first I must go to the library and select a book!

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