Black Hearts in Battersea – 5th Title in my YA Fiction Book Club

I was so thrilled to find this title in my library’s system for me to download as an ebook. I so clearly remember loving this author, Joan Aiken, as a girl. She’s the one of authors that made me go to the library with my Dad and come home with armfuls of books.

My Dad and I used to make a weekly trip to our library and at the front door, he would go his way and I would go mine. I’d search the shelves for books that had great covers and I’d sit in the quiet and pull book after book off the shelf, hoping to find some magic within.

I particularly remember the title “A Necklace Full of Raindrops.” I’m so delighted to add one of her books to my reading list and a bit sad when I look her up and find that she’s passed on. So many of our greats have but the magic of literature is that her many books live on with new readers and old readers (like me).

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