Ok, so my brilliant news is…

I went to the mailbox today and there it was.

april 16, 2014 030c


Something I’ve been waiting 4 months to receive. The crazy part is that I wasn’t expecting to receive my ITIN number until May or June and here it is just 5 days after they sent my official documents home too.

I am feeling elated, euphoric and in love with this envelope and the contents. Because it means I can put Mabel on Amazon through their KDP Select Program, which allows authors to be part of a lending library to spread the word of mouth and enroll in various promotions to get my book into the hands of readers everywhere.

The only hitch is that I can ONLY sell it through Amazon for the first 90 days. I’ll keep you posted on where Mabel may be relocating to in the coming weeks! But this is a big one for my girl and of course thank you to the IRS for being so speedy with my application the second time around.

This is Happy Dance time, but I’ll settle for a lovely Indian Curry for dinner, a great soccer practice with my kids and looking forward to Easter with our favorite cousins. Happy Easter everyone!


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