Admitting how hard it is to be a self-published author

So it’s officially been about a month since I started this journey to be a self-published author of electronic books and let’s just say I’ve been having a lot of talks with myself about purpose, passion, and how it doesn’t matter how many books I sell, does it? I mean it’s not about selling the books, it’s about writing them. But secretly, I’d love to sell some just to know there are kids reading about my characters and loving my stories.

No one knows about me or Mabel and people keep saying, “when you get discovered,” and I think I wonder when that will be?

Aside from all the skills I’ve learned as an author, publisher, and writer, I am dying to meet a real fan. Someone who is not related to me, someone who isn’t my best friend’s child, someone who goes to school and is in grade 7 or 8.

I was in a classroom today, hoping to make a connection with a teacher who teaches this age, and I thought, “this is it! this is where my readers are!”

So it starts. Talking to people about my books, anyone and everyone who might know someone who is 12 or 13 years old. I will write more about the struggle to stay ahead of the doubts and hope you will continue to take this journey with me.

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