The Crusader’s Hoard is coming in 2016

It’s 1982 and Mabel, Tabby and Hugh are on the trail of another long lost treasure but this time it’s in the desert of a country called Jordan in an ancient place called Petra. Mabel, Tabby and Hugh have joined an archeological school and along the way they meet a nomadic Beduoin boy who joins them in their adventure […]

Final day on the book cover

Five rounds of changes and feedback and I think we have  a new cover. Only the trucker cap with the Union Jack remains of the old Mabel. Mabel Hartley gets a makeover as she changes her hair, her clothes and her personality to be rid of the terrible secret that threatens to destroy everyone she loves. Find out […]

Breaking through

I think there comes a time in the life of every author when a shift happens. For me it’s been very long in the game, eight years after the initial conception of the first idea I had about a girl called Mabel Hartley, who couldn’t help breaking a few rules in her quest to find treasure. […]