Mabel Hartley 3 The Crusader’s Hoard – you are going to LOVE it

Finally, after many weeks of wading through the back to school process, of completing a 10 km run this weekend and feeling pretty empty lately, I have emerged from my cocoon and found Mabel where I left her in June. On a really great adventure!!! This morning I read the first 60 pages of the manuscript and felt tickled pink.

The gang is back together and a few new very memorable characters have appeared to show us the way into Petra, one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world.

By next week, I hope to have it out to my first batch of readers and then onward to ISBN submission forms and preparing a cover and then of course, an e-book for you to read.

I am back in the rapids and swimming for my life – feeling full of purpose and fun! This could very well be the best adventure yet!

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