Breaking through

I think there comes a time in the life of every author when a shift happens. For me it’s been very long in the game, eight years after the initial conception of the first idea I had about a girl called Mabel Hartley, who couldn’t help breaking a few rules in her quest to find treasure.

It started in September with finishing the first draft of my third story in the series and readying it to give to my first readers. When I finished the book in tears, I knew with certainty that what I’d written surpassed previous stories with a richness I could not have imagined.

Despite this, I was still nervous to give my story to others to read, wary of their feedback. Could it be true? Could my feelings be right?

When my ten year old son finished the third story, he said, “you sure can write a good cliffhanger, Mum.” That was enough. I knew the words had kept him captivated and he’d stayed with the story to see it though to the end.

My first beta-reader and beloved neighbor congratulated me on another great story and gave me half a dozen comments to make the story even stronger. To her I am indebted for seeing the devil is in the details, if you can find someone wise enough to see how a story could be improved with a few small changes.

Another beta-reader I talked to today said she had two books going, and every night she had to decide which book to read, mine or the other, and each night she chose Mabel Hartley.

So I feel immense gratitude. I have a full heart and a light step as I wait for four other beta-readers to give feedback. Then I will move on to the final rewrite before starting the process of formatting my story into an ebook for my Amazon bookshelf.

I feel this is indeed a breakthrough in my life as an author and publisher. I feel that I am who I always wanted to be. Acting as the publisher of my stories gives this adrenaline junkie the final hit. Can I risk it all again?

When my son asks me, “Mum, what time were the Crusades in?” I know I am at the beginning of a new journey that we shall call “the Rising.” Who knows where it might take me.

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