The Crusader’s Hoard is coming in 2016

It’s 1982 and Mabel, Tabby and Hugh are on the trail of another long lost treasure but this time it’s in the desert of a country called Jordan in an ancient place called Petra.

Mabel, Tabby and Hugh have joined an archeological school and along the way they meet a nomadic Beduoin boy who joins them in their adventure as well as a New Yorker with no intention of digging for anything.

What they’ve really come for is treasure left by a knight from the Crusades. Armed only with an ancient scroll, which might be a map, they set out in the heat and the dust to uncover perhaps the greatest Middle Eastern treasure ever found.

But secrets from Mabel’s past and her birth parents threaten to take far more than Mabel ever bargained for. The search for treasure might just cost one of the treasure hunters their lives. Who will survive?

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