My series launch is next Saturday!

It’s been 9 years in the making and three books in my series later and finally I have a date at the library to introduce my books, formally, to our island and the world. This photo I took in the window of our local library and when I saw the poster for my books, I […]

Walking Dead spoiler

Breathing a sign of relief after hearing about Season Seven Episode One of my favorite tv series. I like the show so much that I’m thinking of dressing up as a walker for Halloween, and I’m not a dress-up person. If only we had cable with AMC. I’ll have to wait all year for the […]

My week in 5

5. Felt a bit like I was in a snowstorm and couldn’t see anywhere to take refuge for a few days last week. 4. My honey dug in my favorite bulbs in the garden for spring 3.Reorganzied all my artwork, AGAIN, and realized how much I love everything in my home 2. Got our pumpkins […]

My series takes flight

It’s been a great week of holiday fun, and the best part was meeting with the librarian at our local library and donating three copies of my first story Mabel Hartley A Sapphire Moon, in paperback. Now the books will be added to the catalogue and available for circulation all around Vancouver Island. I am […]

Sitting down with a Tibetan monk

Today I had the rare privilege of talking with a Tibetan monk. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone who I’ve thought seemed “holy” but today I got to experience a little bit of being with someone who seems to transcend age, the troubles of our times and sees what is most important, kindness […]

My week in 5

5. my son tells me he needs to reread my books again so he can remember everything when I show him my (almost) completed covers for the book format 4. 1 month of work as a reporter for our local paper the Gabriola Sounder and I love my job! 3. Getting down to the final […]

I am a huge Justin Bieber fan

This only started in November 2015 with the release of Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. I downloaded all the popular songs and now I’m finding more. Particularly, “I’ll Show You,” which has a cool 193 million views. This kid is crazy. So much talent and I am┬áso in awe of how he writes and creates music […]