Second order of books and all my stories in paperback on Amazon

It was a funny kind of day. I made a cake and tried to ice it for my son’s 11th birthday and put the icing on too early and well you can imagine. Icing dripping like a heat wave but we’ve got the candles on now for my son’s 11th birthday tomorrow and it looks better. At least that’s what my nine year old daughter says, and I trust her judgement.

So 11 years ago I was in labor with my son, and never knew what a fabulous turn my life would take with the arrival of my two children. Like my Mabel Hartley Stories, that were also a big surprise when they arrived in my life. I have found bliss with both. I love to write, to be a mother and to live my life on this Gulf Island called Gabriola.

Today, as I reflect on my son’s birth (which is actually tomorrow, but I’m usually early for everything, so cake baking is no different) I am humbled by this great life I have been given.

As of today, all books are now available on Amazon in paperback and my second order of books was placed yesterday. That means I have the arrival of my third book to look forward to, and lots of copies to place with bookstores. This also means that I have a launch with my local library coming up and I’m so grateful for all the advice my librarian has offered.

September is a time when I’m at my lowest ebb, after summer with the kids home, publishing my books, and writing for my local newspaper, I am tired. Jubilant but tired. I look forward to the waning daylight hours, time to cozy up by my fireplace and watch the garden in its final days and then for the coming of a kind of peace that settles on me in the winter months.

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