My series takes flight

It’s been a great week of holiday fun, and the best part was meeting with the librarian at our local library and donating three copies of my first story Mabel Hartley A Sapphire Moon, in paperback.

Now the books will be added to the catalogue and available for circulation all around Vancouver Island. I am beyond delighted, chuffed, blissed out. I am euphoric!!!

A very close second to this epic 24 hours has to be the arrival of my second story in paperback. When Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape arrived yesterday, I had to hold back for a few seconds before I ripped into the cardboard and held her in my hands. Mabel 2 is bigger, perhaps better, and still full of action adventure and fun loving enthusiasm. Having both my books in paperback screams, “you are alive,” to every fibre of my being and makes me so so so HAPPY!!

Other notes to the week include some much needed down time with my husband while the kids were both at camp. I watched all the Jason Bourne movies in one day and had my fill of action-adventure in exotic locals with handsome men.

I ran 6km on Tuesday, in my quest for summer fitness and then ate my weight in brie cheese, nectarines and focaccia bread (kidding) sort of.

I am thankful for all my many blessings including having three articles in the newspaper while I was away. How’s that for advance planning? I feel like the breeze is flowing through my house, July has given way to August and I feel  like I’m back on solid ground instead of being run down by a steaming locomotive. July was mad.

Thanks readers, for staying tuned. Two of my books in paperback (for the first time) should be available from Amazon in August. Dreams are coming true for this writer of YA fiction and lover of all things literature.

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