Time to start practicing

Tomorrow is the big day. I have the passages from my books selected to read, I’ve written a little about my series and my writing and tomorrow I will take copies of my books to the library. It’s series launch day tomorrow and the countdown is 25 hours. I couldn’t be more excited or more […]

Monumental day for this YA author

So it begins. My life takes another unexpected yet hoped for turn. I gave a talk today at my local library about self-publishing. It was such a gift to talk to people about writing, working at the business of books and making new friends. Photo is courtesy of April Hilland.

My day in 5

Well things moved along a little quicker than I expected this week, when a trip to the orthodontist for my son turned into three stops at independent book stores and a visit to a magazine and a newspaper to see about publicity for my books 5. Shortest orthodontist appointment in history gave time to explore […]

The arrival of my first book, in print

She arrived at the door, without a sound, not even a whisper. In my hurried attempts to reckon with the demands of the day, I missed the delivery driver, who like a sparrow dropped my book at the door and flew off, unnoticed. It was only when I opened the door to leave for the day that […]

French Friday

I can speak about France mostly because when I think about my future I am in France, and not for a week or a holiday, because it’s where I believe my life will take me. The funny thing is that France isn’t so far in my future now. I feel like a woman lives inside […]