French Friday

I can speak about France mostly because when I think about my future I am in France, and not for a week or a holiday, because it’s where I believe my life will take me. The funny thing is that France isn’t so far in my future now. I feel like a woman lives inside me who speaks French, cooks French, reads French and loves all things France and she is starting to become more a part of my daily life.

You see when I’m watching French tv, when I’m reading a French post, when I’m learning French vocabulary, I feel the most myself. I can’t explain why, or why I have this yearning, this knowing that all paths lead to France. I can only let it be and try my best in French class and to open myself to all the ways this woman wants to join my present with my future.

I guess it’s about becoming. I feel like I’m becoming the woman that will live in France and speak with ease. I am happy to follow along, and like a small child, I feel like a witness to the wonder of what is unfolding with every conversation and every recipe that makes me take another step further down the road.

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