My day in 5

Well things moved along a little quicker than I expected this week, when a trip to the orthodontist for my son turned into three stops at independent book stores and a visit to a magazine and a newspaper to see about publicity for my books

5. Shortest orthodontist appointment in history gave time to explore the bookstores on Vancouver Island.

4. My son and I went into a store in Nanaimo called Literacy Central Vancouver Island, just the place for my books to be read, and with local authors featured in the front window. We left two books behind and so the day began.

3. Onto Ladysmith, an idyllic seaside town about 20 minute south of us. We found Salamander Books, and lovely Frieda who took three books on consignment and directed us to a magazine office a block away and suggested I start working on publicity.

2. Onto Take 5 Publications for Print and Digital Media and another stop for Mabel with Allen who took the first book and asked for more information that might lead to a book review or a profile. Next, with Frieda’s recommendation we stopped at the Ladysmith Chronicle and met the Editor, Craig Spence, who informed me he was a young adult fiction author too. Another copy of Mabel left behind for a possible interview and publicity around the series launch at our local library in Sept/Oct.

1.Our final stop Volume One, in Duncan, where we met owner Sonia and left three copies after emptying her card racks and picking up one of her last copies of the “Cursed Child” the last in the Harry Potter stories. We came home happy, tired and a little bewildered by all the places our life too us today. Thankful for it all!

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