My week in 5

5. Got in to see my doctor and had a mental health check-in. What a wondrous thing to have a compassionate ear and trusted member of my team listen in to my worries. 4. Went to two Halloween parties, complete with witch’s fingers and pumpkin pie (we made) and bobbing for apples 3. Dressed up […]

An unlikely New Year’s Eve

Stroke of Midnight We didn’t make any plans the day before, we just knew the week of New Years would involve the kids taking skiing lessons on a local hill. We didn’t know how tired they might be after their lesson so we decided to play it by ear and see how everyone felt. The […]

Who I am and why I’m here?

Who am I? I’m a writer, author and publisher of the Mabel Hartley ebook young adult fiction series. Writing is the thing I love best, the thing that makes time stand still. When I’m writing, it’s like I’m not in my body anymore. If someone asks me a question, I can’t hear them. It’s always […]

A harvest of sorts

Since we got home from camping, one of the great joys of island life has been heading into the bushes and trees to find fresh fruit. These Italian plums came from one of our trees today and plucking these little jewels from the green boughs made my heart sing. Yesterday my kids and I set […]

My Top 10 TV shows

So just thinking about Friday Night Lights now and what other fave tv shows I could recommend, so here’s my top 10ish Enjoy! 1. Sherlock (BBC) 2. Friday Night Lights 3. Homeland 4. Game of Thrones 5. Mad Men 6. Breaking Bad (but I only made it through the first 2 seasons) 7. Lost 8. […]