The final thing you should know about me #1

In my heart of hearts I love books. I love reading them, writing them and anything to do with books feels meaningful to me. That is why I’m going to share this little secret I have about the future and what I hope might be one day.

I would like to start a reading academy that sponsors everything to do with books for kids, especially between ages 9 and 15. I want to share my love of books and give back to kids by starting this reading camp where kids could come and talk about books, do writing workshops, meet authors but mostly just have fun with books.

Sound crazy? Probably! But one day, if my books get out into the world and I have some success I’d like to give it back by hosting an event that would bring kids from all across the globe together to talk books and find new friendships. To meet and talk about why books are important so as they grow into adults they will always have a safe place to be – with a book in your hand you can become anything. At least that’s what’s happened to me.

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