A harvest of sorts

august 26 002bSince we got home from camping, one of the great joys of island life has been heading into the bushes and trees to find fresh fruit.

These Italian plums came from one of our trees today and plucking these little jewels from the green boughs made my heart sing.

Yesterday my kids and I set out in search of blackberries and ended up meeting friends doing the same. The kids took off in search of beach time, while I filled this bowl full of the succulent, blackberries that were practically tumbling into the bowl. Ok, I did have to climb up on top of some of the blackberry bushes with my boots and my ice scraper from my car. Armed for the job I felt like I was giving myself the gift of summer when the long winter days arrive months from now.

All my berries I froze on trays before sealing them up in ziplocks and storing them away. It’s been fun to get out in the hot sun to bring home a summer harvest. I hope you’ll go out into your part of the world and do the same!

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