2017 is the year! 20 years since my bipolar diagnosis

I woke up this morning and felt the dawn of a new year, one I’ve been waiting for for a very long time. It was 1997 that I was diagnosed with bipolar and in the 20 years since I have made a life of which I am very proud.

This 20th anniversary year means so much to me, most of all, because I’m still here.

My children and I went to the polar bear swim at our local beach and although we were running a little late, it was so much fun to watch them plunge into the ocean and then dunk their heads.

This is how I feel about the coming year. I am going to plunge into a year that is such a great reminder of my life and how well lived it is. My children, my husband, my life on this precious island, my job as a reporter at the local newspaper the Gabriola Sounder and my YA fiction series all make this such a great life full of health, and beauty. And that is not even mentioning the friendships that over the years have become a lifeline. You know who you are.

So welcome, 2017. I am rolling out the red carpet for LIFE!

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