New year, new book in my series

I was shopping at the drug store this past week and of course got caught in the stationery section with the “thank you” cards, which is one of my favorite places to be.

So after I got my cards, I looked around and found a white board, and thought, “I need one of these,” though I’ve never used one before in my office area.

I’ve been thinking about my goals and getting news of my series launch out into the world, but it took meeting with fellow author, Shannon Mayer to get serious.

I came home, all inspired to push myself to start setting goals for the year and that starts with researching my next story the Gangster’s Cache.

If all goes well, I’ll start writing the first draft of the story in September and then fix a date to publish in 2018. Oh, my!!!

It’s on the white board and that means it’s going to happen. Stay tuned for more about my adventures in publishing, writing and book four in the Mabel Hartley stories.



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