Mourning the loss of my icons

I was reading the Victoria Times Columnist today and an article about Generation X icons that have been taken by 2016. There were photos of George Michael and Carrie Fisher, and yes, these have been difficult to absorb and process. Part of what I loved about last year’s Star Wars The Force Awakens was being reunited with Han Solo and Princess Leia. And now she’s gone and I feel such a sense of loss and sadness.

Her death seemed to come so closely on the heels of George Michael, another beloved superstar in my life, and all I can say is that I felt deep sorrow at these losses. So many of my childhood memories with my sister came flooding back, singing along to Wham! and the Faith album. And just days before Christmas, my daughter and I sang karaoke over and over again to Wham!’s song Last Christmas.

But while we mourn the loss of these wondrous creatures, we might also find solace in how many icons are still on the stage. U2 performing in 2016 at a I heart radio concert. Green Day touring (I’ll never forget their song Goodridance (I hope you have the time of your life), and Liam Neeson soldiering on in a missionary movie, Silence, 23 years after Schindler’s List. While sorrow may be our friend, we can also find the joy in those that continue to entertain us. Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber are favorites in our house. Who are the entertainers that have become your icons?

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