My week in 5

5. Back on my bike this week and out for three rides. Loved our sunshine and warmth in October. Nothing beats fresh air on a beautiful day. 4. Finished getting my garden ready for Fall and it look soooo beautiful. 3. Working on three new covers for my Mabel Hartley series and getting ready to┬áRELAUNCH […]

My week in 5

5. My son finished first in the Terry Fox 10 km run on Sunday followed closely behind by his sister and father. 4.First rains came back to our island making it feel an awful lot like Fall. I’m happy to see the beginning of the seasons changing but truth be told….I miss my kids when […]

Working on a new draft of book four

It’s been an exciting week. With my kids away at summer camp, I’ve had quiet time in the house to get back to writing. One of my readers gave me back the first draft of my fourth story, “The Gangster’s Cache,” and with it lots of feedback for revisions. So here I am in my […]

Almost mid-summer update 2017

Around our house, we’ve been travelling a lot of July and these are some of the fun things we’ve been doing rollerblading and skateboarding around a tiny airport where float planes and biplanes like to take off and stopping at the smoothie stand for primo milkshakes watching my garden turn into the land of lillies […]

Spending my weekend here

So June has arrived and with it my gorgeous garden, that has taken seven years to come into its own. I loved to be outside, especially on nice days, when the sun heats everything up. This month in particular, is the best one for gardening. Every plant seems to be shouting, “notice me!” and with […]