My series takes flight

It’s been a great week of holiday fun, and the best part was meeting with the librarian at our local library and donating three copies of my first story Mabel Hartley A Sapphire Moon, in paperback. Now the books will be added to the catalogue and available for circulation all around Vancouver Island. I am […]

Just submitted story #2 to print

My proof of my second story comes next. It’s a real nail biter. This process of getting books into print. Where did I go wrong? Oh, just delete the header on the first page. Someone says who may be in China or India or thereabouts. So I do, and that’s it. All that stands between […]

A great day in my life

For the last few weeks I have been powering through the final draft of my second story “Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape,” and today I finished! Tomorrow, I read through the last few chapters to make sure I have all the changes right and then I will sent it off to Amazon to get my […]

Getting the Mummy’s Cape together

What a week! Spring Break, rock climbing camps, kids off school, and eagerly anticipating getting my proofread copy of my second story back from my proofreader. My plan is to add an excerpt of this second story for readers of the first story to enjoy. Looking to get A Sapphire Moon up on Kobo, with […]