My week in 5

5. The Walking Dead truly is an all-consuming, bingeworthy show. Season 3 has 16 episodes to while away the summer, and two more seasons, because you can’t be outside in the sunshine ALL the time, can you?

4. The Olympics arrives and we are smitten with all the Canadian athletes.

3. Ran 6km today with my music. I was a happy girl 44 minutes later. Slow and steady wins the day!

2. The demolition of our old deck is almost done, thanks to the very hard work of my husband extraordinaire.

1. Copies of book two Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape in paperback should be available to order from Amazon by the middle of August. Onward to edits for book three Mabel Hartley The Crusader’s Hoard and then this author will start fresh in the fall with book four Mabel Hartley The Mobster’s Cache.

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