#18 I love art films

There’s something about getting lost in a movie. I’ve always loved sitting in the theatre, having the lights come down and everything going dark. My love affair with movies started with E.T., then Star Wars, (for my 9th birthday party we went to see Return of the Jedi). Then the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Stand by Me.

In university, I took Film Studies and almost made it my major. My favorites there were Paris, Texas and Aguirre the Wrath of God. I loved films by Alfred Hitchcock.

Right now, I’m watching the French film A Balcony on the Sea. I’ve can also recommend House in Brittany, A Single Man, and Cloud Atlas. My favorite though has got to be Tree of Life. They’re complicated films but I enjoy trying to understand why they’ve been made.

I’m a sucker for mainstream movies too, at the top of my list, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, Winter’s Bone and of course Skyfall.

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