Bittersweet: What it’s like to come to the end of writing a novel

It’s one less time I’ll get to sit down with the characters and hear their voices and tell their story. I miss them already. It will be many months before I even attempt the fifth and final story in the series and being on the ride to New York City has been a dream come true for this author.

To write about a place I know and love and to share that place with my characters (who I also know and love) has been pretty spectacular. Mabel and friends are growing up and never more so than in this book where they are almost completely unsupervised!

I love the writing process, and this book has been much less about researching a time and place in long forgotten history and much more about culture, specifically the US race relations since the 1800s. It’s been such a privilege to see this time in history through the eyes of these teens who struggle to understand slavery and the idea of equality among the races.

My goal is to have a first draft by Friday. That’s in three days!! Bring on May and rewrites and getting a first draft to my best beloved readers for their feedback and thoughts. Then off to the editor and ideas for covers and so wheels turn again on publishing the next effort in this great series.

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