Mabel Hartley the Crusader’s Hoard is LIVE

Since uploading my third novel yesterday, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind of celebration. First there was lunch with my dear friend and editor Charlotte, the meetings with friends around the island that seemed to reinforce the celebratory spirit of the week. By chance I met friends at the recycling depot and the mail box and made plans for visits next week.

We had a French lesson yesterday that turned into a party at the house with my neighbors joining us to celebrate the completion of Mabel Hartley the Crusaders Hoard. We toasted Mabel with wine and chips and salsa and my heart felt very full indeed.

Today, more celebrations with coffee with my yoga teacher and then a new scarf from another dear friend led to conversations about doing meaningful work that counts. And then tonight tea and honey with friends.

And so with the book going live and seeing my bookshelf on Amazon expand, my heart is full and I am so grateful for the friends on this island that have made my journey so rich these last ten years. What a lucky girl I am!



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