So what does publishing a book feel like?

mar2,16 005So the first thing is that it never, ever, not in a billion years gets old. Publishing a book is such a rush because the whole publishing process is like one huge rollercoaster ride. Every step you question, am I doing this right? Will this work? Every day you work at it you feel like you get infinitesimally closer but the brass ring is still out of reach.

Then it happens. All the hard work pays off and you’re soaring far above the earth looking down on this life and feeling pretty darn good about the stars aligning so you can have this moment and feel like everything you did was right in every part of the process.

This hazy photo is up to show you that three of my books in my YA series are now in the hands of Amazon, and it feels monumental. This is 9 years of my life. Nine years of slogging, reading, researching, writing, rewriting and then this moment comes and you’re never the same again. Three books later, I am touched by euphoria, at least for a few hours.

Off to lunch to celebrate this grand occasion. The book will be live for purchase in a day or two. Come see what it’s all about. You’ll be very glad you did.

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