Just call me the advertising/marketing division

The last month I’ve been taking a marketing course called Business on the Internet and after 4  weeks of feeling out of my depth, today things finally started to click.

Our topic today was Online Advertising something I’ve been excited to learn about and it is basically the reason I’m taking the course. So today I did it. I dipped my big toe into a very large pool and started an advertising campaign on Amazon.

Once I got going I thought “why has it taken me so long to be ready to do this?” So long being the two years since I got my first two books up as ebooks and now I have a third coming in just a few months.

I am so happy and proud of myself for making the decision to use what I learned in my class to put it to good use in my life as an author. I’m proud to add to the many hats I wear and can now call myself the “advertising and marketing division” of my publishing house.

My campaign for both my books will run for the next month, getting my ebooks out there and helping people to find my great stories. This is just the beginning I feel of a great new endeavor. Getting my head into the business side of this great venture. That’s all. For now.

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