What a year for Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac

In a crazy bout of coincidence I went to the pharmacy today and saw Alicia Vikander on the cover of Vogue. I just had to buy it, given that last night, by complete chance, we happened upon her superb performance in Ex-Machina alongside Oscar Isaac, who is one of the newest cast members in Star Wars The Force Awakens

But let me back track. Last week, we also watched A Man from Uncle and I remember thinking that the female lead was stunning. I go to check the cast from Ex-Machina on IMDB last night and who is the lead in A Man from Uncle? Alicia Vikander.

Then rolling out another movie yesterday afternoon (because in my house we regroup by watching movies after a crazy holiday season) we happen upon Searching for Llewyn Davis, starring Oscar Isaac.

These two actors are scorching through the pages of magazine and film at an alarming rate. The best thing is that from one role to the next they are unrecognizable. Unless you are checking IMDB then the game is up.

Vikander also stars in the much Oscar buzzed film The Danish Girl. No wonder she made the cover of Vogue.

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