Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I went to see Return of the Jedi and the Empire Strikes Back in the theatre. I remember Luke Skywalker taking an awfully long time to get out of the swamp and looking back perhaps it was because I just wanted more of Han Solo. I remembered have a school girl crush on Han Solo and how devastated I was when, at the end of the Empire Strikes Back, he seemed lost forever.

Watching Harrison Ford on the screen this time, part of me felt sad that it had been more than 30 years since I’d heard him tell Leia that he knew she loved him. Sitting in the theatre this time, I thought it strange that after so many years I could feel like such a girl again too.

The force seemed to be awakened within me and none of the magic was lost, but we sure had to wait a long time for it to return.

I didn’t expect the new characters to thrill me quite like Adam Driver, who ably stepped into the shoes of Darth Vader. (Perhaps I’m a little biased as he is my favorite character in the HBO Girls series).

Perhaps the best thing about having to wait a long time to see old friends again is the pure delight you feel in their company. And when a school girl crush lasts 32 years that really is something.

Kudos to director and screenwriter JJ Abrams and his writing partner Lawrence Kasdan for bringing it all back to life and creating a new film that might be the best in the series.

Looking into 2016, I know I’ll be returning to the theatre to see The Force Awakens again to fully absorb the performance of Daisy Ridley and the magic Abrams and Kasdan have been able to weave. Star Wars VIII is in production now and can’t come soon enough for me. #theforceawakens



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