Best on-screen kiss of all time?

I just watched Far from the Madding Crowd and then I watched the ending about six times, rewinding again and again until I felt full of romance, emotion and joy. It never hurts when the one you love asks you to let them love you. I swooned for Gabriel Oak!

This is the movie that made me fall hard to for Carey Mulligan and Matthias Schoenaerts and now I will do what I normally do (see Tom Hardy in Mad Max) and watch every film they’ve ever been in to experience more of their brilliance.

Who are these beautiful creatures in exquisite costumes and how can I get on a train to 1870s England and make them my best friends?

Everything about this film was delicious and at times it took my breath away. I’m such a goner for period pieces and this was bested only by Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version), simply because of the PP soundtrack, and maybe Young Victoria with Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend (delicious as Peter Quinn in Homeland, the HBO tv series).

So friends and fellow lovers of great storytelling, great writing and great kissing, seek out Far from the Madding Crowd and let me know if you think it shows us the best kiss of all time. xoxoxo

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