Ok so why do i write a series? Some of my best beloved inspirations

A series. I guess I love a good series because when I fall for characters I fall hard and I don’t want it to be over when I’m finished, I want to look forward to another visit, another engagement because for me, one book just isn’t enough. As kids my sister and my mum and I were hard-core into the mini-series. We loved Jewel in the Crown (masterpiece) and sat on the edge of the bed enthralled.

Somehow the sanctity of the series has followed me into adulthood, in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I love drama, and I love more drama.

So here are my top pics for series in television that are my favorites.

#1. Homeland (Showcase) Brodie and Carrie. They are seriously bad for each other but their chemisty is so strong it moves mountains and you can’t help but route for these CIA recruits who can’t seem to put a foot right.

#2. Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins. That’s all I need to say, and maybe Coach. I think there were five seasons and once a year I try to watch them all again. It never, ever gets old.

#3. Game of Thrones. For the pure fantastical nature and journey back in time to knights. Jon Snow. and dragons. I read all the books but loved the development for TV better.

#5. LOST. Character driven, sci-fi that made me always cheer for Sawyer. These writers took me on such a ride. I never wanted it to end.

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