By chance I stumble upon “Creating Room to Read” AND my heart lights up

I opened the book and there it was. The feeling that something big was on the way.

In the first chapter, a man opens a library in Nepal, but not just any library, the 10,000th library his organization helped open for literacy in the developing world. And BTW Nepal and Mt. Everest base camp are at the very top of my bucket list.

Since I was diagnosed with bipolar at 24, the trajectory of my life took a course unknown and undreamt to me.

My life became about writing, and despite my degree in Journalism, my interests tended toward fiction, and then fiction for the younger generation.

Then it became about writing a series about travelling the world in search of treasure – something I think we are all doing in our own ways.

Back to the beginning – a big passion for me, obviously is reading, but not only that, writing something that will be read around the world.

Then there is Room to Read. An organization that promotes literacy. I’m not sure how these dots connect but I feel in my heart of hearts that this mission that is my life, that has become about books, reading, writing and stories, this creative pulse within me might just find its terminus in work that promotes reading around the world. Ha. There it is.

Join me for the ride. Won’t you?

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