Just home from our 16th anniversary celebration in New York City

Ok, it is the city that has captured my heart. We made it out before the snow fell, came home to my daughter losing one of her two front teeth and a lot of laundry.

I am grateful for the trees, the ocean, and my children and of course our island life….BUT and this is a big BUT… I think I’m secretly a New Yorker at heart. In fact, I wish it said that in my passport that I’ve hidden away for the next trip.

So what did I love this time? The Staten Island Ferry, seeing my twin sister, the Statue of Liberty up close. Going to the Cloisters (a Met Museum branch) way uptown where a Medieval Castle sits high on a hill. Can you imagine a place more my speed than this? Stained glass windows from France from the 13th Century. Take me to heaven now people!

Ok, but what about the pink martinis in the Centre Bar at Columbus Circle watching all the traffic whizz by? It was fantastic. And the visit to Micheal Kors. I came out with my credit card just a little hot.

Oh, and just happened to run into a Bradley Cooper autograph signing after his “Elephant Man” show let out.

So there it is. The trip that took me to a whole new level. AGAIN!!! More posts and pics to come, dear readers.

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