Great to see a Sri Lankan reader at my wesite, welcome!

july 31 016bHi readers, thought you  might like to see how that summer’s been going for me so far! The kids have been off school for 7 weeks and with the teacher’s strike in British Columbia it just might be another 7 weeks til they go back (or even longer).

So this is how I feel about that. Note the picture on the left of me, and you’ll see someone who’s enjoying living in the present, trying not to get to far ahead of herself and just embracing every day and what it brings.

I’m happier than I’ve been for a long time. And what’s brought on this epiphany? Well, to be honest, a rough night’s sleep, with back pain, doors banging in the wind, ice packs, and hot sticky air. Still I did manage to return to sleep and when I awoke this morning I thought, right, today is a day to do the bare minimum. Not push it with too many trips  to the beach (a record 3 for the kids yesterday) and just be.

So here my daughter and I sit, she watching one of her horse movies, and I eating chocolate chips and keeping up with being an online author. I hope some of you dear readers and starting to find the books I’ve selected for the Summer YA Fiction Club. They are mesmorizing and with such diversity in the list you’re sure to find one that fits!

I have decided to do a club for each season of the year so there will be 5-10 titles for us to enjoy together in the fall and another set in the winter. Let’s read, and if we’re not reading let’s experience summer in all it’s terrific heat and glory. And for the record I’m now within striking distance (100 pages) of reaching the end of Le quete de Despeareaux. My first full immersion French text. Very proud of this reader today!

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