Went diving off the rocks into the ocean today

july 8 019b Let me just say it’s been a long long time since I went diving anywhere, let alone off rocks into the ocean, but with the kids camping with their grandparents, I decided to take myself off to the beach. The tide was low, so low that I had to peer off the rocks several times to make sure I wasn’t going to give myself a head injury. Once assured, I went for it and felt so alive!

Almost at the halfway mark for summer, I have to say this is my best summer yet. I am loving the beach, the coolness of the water on my skin and what a relief it is to dive in and escape this heat wave for a few seconds.

Alone at the beach I felt about 12 again and thought why has it been so long since I came down to the water, pushed off and did a shallow dive? When I came up I swam back over to the rocks and put my hands in the kelp and just watched my fingers looking so white in all the green.

It feels so great to be in the moment at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when the water is just right. Thanks ocean for being so inviting!

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