#19 The French file

june 3, 2014 023bSeriously. What was I thinking not including anything on my website about the number 1 passion in my life.

This enthusiastic admission concerns all things France, French, and Francais!

I started taking French lessons in September, with the hope of becoming fluent in a few years, and now I’ve developed a small obsession with a Julia Child cookbook.

Why you ask? At the tender age of 22 I set off to be an au pair in Montpellier in the South of France, which proved a disastrous adventure, but a seed was planted none the less, and 18 years later, I’m still smitten.

While I was in France, my dearest Granny Faith came to visit and I took this photo in Gordes, a beautiful village where we spent a night.

I am going to start a French file page on my website to share this part of my life that has come to mean so very much.

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