A great day in my life

For the last few weeks I have been powering through the final draft of my second story “Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape,” and today I finished! Tomorrow, I read through the last few chapters to make sure I have all the changes right and then I will sent it off to Amazon to get my first proof.

The prospect of getting my second story in paperback is something of a dream. I can’t believe that in a week or two I will have two of my three books on my shelf and ready to sell to people everywhere.

I feel very happy. It has been such a long process (eight years to be exact) to get to the point where my books are in paperback. I’ve learned so much from how to make websites and blogs, to how to work with designers on book covers to how to write a young adult fiction novel and how to work with a proper editor. I am thankful for all I have learned and filled with gratitude.

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