Finding my purpose takes me right back to my roots as a young reader

It was the most fabulous experience! Today, I started my day thumbing through an old atlas and decided to take it with me as part of my adventure into reading to a grade 4/5 elementary school class.

I asked for a volunteer, actually, I asked for two, to help me locate the countries where my books are set and boy were the kids enthusiastic. It was such a joy to share with them England and Scotland and Jordan and to talk about Mabel Hartley and read to them.

My sincere thanks to Laura Boulton, librarian for such amazing support and for the kids for making it so much fun. I can’t wait to go and read to more kids and talk about Mabel’s adventures. I kind of feel like this is day one of the rest of my life! I found my purpose and it feels pretty good to come full circle and realize I’ve been telling myself these stories as much as anyone.


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