I really am so old fashioned

First, I told my husband that I was going to have a screen free day. No phones, no computers, nothing but me and my books and a walk with him.

Then he caught me at it.

“What happened to the screen free day?” He asked, smiling.

“I got blogging and now I can’t stop!”

So here I am letting you know all the best parts of my day.

The request for a new set of copies of my books from a local book store, Page’s, asking for signed copies of my books made me think about signing my books with a fountain pen that a dear friend gave me just a few weeks ago given me. It is gold and so beautiful and lovely to write with and I thought, what better way to sign than with my new gold fountain pen?

So above is a photo of my books drying out so they don’t smudge. Kind of fun.

I really like old fashioned things and this fountain pen is one of them. I want to sell my books in book stores and get to know the owners. I want to meet media face to face and talk about my books, not on Skype but in person, over a tea. I want to sell my books one by one, and see how and where they’re getting out into the world. I want to carry around a bag full of books in my car in case someone asks me for one.

I got a phone two summers ago and I’m 43 years old. Instant communication is great, but a chat or a visit is better. I like labels and stationary and getting letters and writing them, I even have my old writing case from when I was in boarding school.

I like stamps and thank you cards, I like drawing ink from a well and most of all, I like reading inspiring books printed on paper and finding characters that will be on my bookshelf for a good long time.

These things, I don’t expect to change, they are the lovely things that make me, Jane Reddington. And my prayers for much love and health in my life have not gone unanswered. Life is pretty darn good for this published author. Thanks for reading.



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