This Canadian girl is hopeful after watching Trump on 60 Minutes

My heart broke when Hillary lost the Presential race. We all cried a little over Donald Trump becoming the next President of the US. But like a trick that impresses you because you can’t see how the magician is creating an illusion, I’m feeling a little stunned.

Here is a calm man before us. Someone who got what he wanted. He won the Presidency and seems a little awed by it. Changed, I think. I think perhaps he said a lot of things to get people worked up, but the man behind the words, the racism, the sexism, the bigotry, somehow he tapped into this and won votes.

Yet, Trump now is quieter, more reserved, perhaps struck by all he has achieved. Perhaps knowing when to hold his tongue now. To listen to those that know more. He has become the “apprentice” president.

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