My stories crossed the border: now available at Port Book and News in Port Angeles, WA

It was a great family vacation in Washington State this past week, topped off by a local bookstore in Port Angeles, WA taking my stories. Mabel is in the US in paperback now!

We visited Forks, WA as well, which is the home of Bella and Edward from the Twilight series and what a thrill to pass through a town that was part of a literary phenomenon. I have posted photos of Forks on my Twitter site.

We also made our way to the North Head Lighthouse, one of the furthest southwest points on the US map. We had great walks in the Olympic Peninsula and found ourselves in a wonderful state park with the unfortunate name of Cape Disappointment.

The camping was wet, the beaches long and dreamy and the family time, much needed.

This next week, I hope to get a copy of my third story in paperback for the first time to proof and then send away for copies to give to my local library and Vancouver Island stores.

I’ve also been researching New York history on my vacation and will carry that on for story #4 Mabel Hartley The Gangster’s Cache. Exciting times for this newbie to self-publishing!!!

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