A big phone call to our island book store

One of my hardest things is self-promotion. I’m really good once I get going, but getting out of the gate is really tough for me. I don’t have swagger and I certainly don’t ooze confidence. So picking up the phone and talking to our island bookstore today, and arranging a meeting with the lovely Gloria, at Page’s Marina was huge for me.

I knew the universe was cheering me on because my hibiscus is in FULL bloom, we picked about a hundred plums off our plum tree and my whole family went swimming in the ocean, AND the demolition on our old deck is done. These are signs for me that today is a great day.

Getting my book out to bookstores and effectively being my own publishing/marketing/distribution team for my own creative endeavor is a bit like walking on glass. But when you realize the glass is just ice melting under your feet it’s such a powerful feeling.

I’ve been working on my series for about nine years and to take five copies of my first story into a book shop, well it’s pretty terrific. And it makes me so happy to know my books are out in the world as ebooks and paperbacks now!

I feel like I’ve arrived at a place I’ve been trying to get to ever since I was diagnosed with bipolar at 24 years old and decided to take this writing idea for a long walk away from everything safe, normal and easy. The stars are aligning and I am filled with gratitude. I know there will be many more hurdles to overcome, and that is OK because right now everything feels possible.

One thought on “A big phone call to our island book store

  1. Well done, that’s amazing. How thrilling it must be to see your book for sale on a shelf in a bookshop! I’m sure you’ll be having to take more stock round there very soon!

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